There're hundreds of free webspace providers, and it's unpossible to know them all. So I created this site to give you a little help in selecting the best free webspace provider for your homepage! Please notice that most of them are only for non-commercial sites, and not all providers allow paid advertising banners - read the terms carefully before you sign up!! Get Paid to Surf the Web!

Space - How much webspace you get
Upload - How you can upload your sites
Ads - Type of advertising the provider will place on your site to keep the service free. The providers with a "-" doesn't advertise on your sites!!
CGI - If you can get your own cgi-bin for scripts.

Unlimited Free Webspace:
Name Space Upload Ads CGI Language Notes:
Infossek Unlimited Browser ? - English  
Codename Unlimited FTP/Browser Popup/Banner Yes English  
Crosswinds Unlimited FTP/Browser - - English + E-mail
Cyberhome Unlimited Browser ? - German/English Unlimited Browser - - English  
Spaceports Unlimted FTP ? - English for interesting sites
WarCenter Unlimited FTP ? - English PC-Game sites
Webdesign-Net Unlimited FTP ? - German + E-mail
Xoom Unlimited FTP Top-Frame - English + E-mail
25 - 200MB Free Webspace:
Name Space Upload Ads CGI Language Notes: Up to 200MB FTP/Telnet ? Yes German  
NetColony 35MB Browser Banner ? English  
Exit 5-30MB Browser Banner ? German + E-mail
Free Sites Network 30MB FTP Banner Yes(?) English Max. file size 200KB
CyberCities 25MB FTP - - English No file > 1MB
Free Speech Internet Television 25MB FTP ? - English non-commercial sites
Starbuzz 25MB FTP/Browser Banner - English Entertainment sites
Web 1000 25MB FTP Banner - English Erotic sites allowed!
WebJump 25MB FTP Banner ? English  
10 - 20MB Free Webspace:
Name Space Upload Ads CGI Language Notes
Acme City 20MB FTP ? - English Entertainment sites
FortuneCity 20MB FTP/Browser Banner - English No file > 1MB
Freepage 20MB FTP/Browser Frame - German + E-mail
Virtual Avenue 20MB FTP Banner Yes English Frontpage support
VIP card 15MB FTP/E-mail ? - German + Chat & E-mail
Cyberspace 12MB Browser Header,Footer - English  
FreeServers.Com 12MB FTP/Browser Banner - English + E-mail
Homestead 12MB Editor Footer - English  
TriPod (DE) 12MB FTP/Browser Popup - German  
TriPod (UK) 12MB FTP/Browser Popup - English  
TriPod (US) 11MB FTP/Browser Popup - English  
Fiberia 11MB FTP/Browser Top-Frame Yes English  
Geocities 11MB FTP/Browser Popup/Banner - English + E-mail
AsiaFind 10MB Browser ? - English private + commercial
Austrian Erotic Center 10MB FTP ? - German Private erotic sites
Hypermart 10MB FTP/Browser Popup/Banner Yes English Commercial sites only
InternetTrash 10MB Browser - - English  
ProHosting 10MB FTP Popup Yes English + E-mail
PureTec 10MB FTP Banner - English  
1 - 9 MB Free Webspace:
Name Space Upload Ads CGI Language Notes 6MB Browser Banner - German  
B-City 5MB FTP (?) ? - English Business sites only
Angelfire 5MB FTP/Browser Popup - English  
Exit 5-30MB Browser Banner ? German + E-mail
HotBot 5MB Browser ? - English + E-mail
KMO 5MB FTP ? Yes German + E-mail
WebProvider 5MB FTP/Telnet ? Yes English Frontpage support

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