Angry Samoans - I just need two words to describe them: cool shit!!
Backyard Babies - Swedish Rock'n'Roll action like Social Distortion!
Basement Brats - Who doesn't know Norways best Pop-Punk band?
Blanks '77 - The one & only official Blanks-homepage!
Bam Bams - Two guitar powered Punkrock with female vocalz!
Cheeks - Germany's finest Mod-Pop-Punker
Chinese Takeaway - Glam-Punkrockers from Stockholm/Sweden!!
Dwarves - The Kings of fucked up Punkrock!!
Flamin' Groovies - Great old Rock'n'Roll band!!
Flaming Sideburns - Finish Garage band
G.G.Allin - The archive - everything 'bout this R'n'R asshole!!
Girl Trouble - Cool Cramps-like-Rock'n'Roll!
Hagfish - Very melodic Punkrock...
Hates - They were Texas' first Punkrock band in 1977!!!
Hellacopters - Well known Metal-Rock'n'Roller with Punk attitude...
Hippriests - Fast, loud & blaring Punkrock as fuck from Germany!!!!
Hollywood Teasze - Glam-Punk'n'Roll from south Germany!
Jerry Lee Lewis - The Killer on the Net!
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Cool homepage...
Lightning Beat-Man - The King of Wrestling Rock'n'Roll!!
Makers - Fast paced LoFi-Punkrock & Garage-Rock'n'Roll!
MC-5 - Kick out the....
McRackins - Pop-Punk overdose from Canada!
Misifits - The official place for all Misifits fans!
Mister Manic - Sleazy Glam-Punk-Rock'n'Roll from Detroit!
Motards - Best LoFi-Punkrock from Texas!!
New Bomb Turks - Kick ass Punk'n'Roll!
New York Dolls - Gutter-Glam-Rock'n'Roll from the early 70's!!
Nobodys - Fucked up Porn-Punkrock
Nomads - Sweden's Garage Punk legend!
Professionals - The band of Steve Jones & Paul Cook (Sex Pistols)!
Ramones - Yeah, the inventors of simple 1-2-3-4-Punkrock!!!
Raped - Shocking UK-Punkrock band from '77!!
Rip Offs - The Kings of Kick Ass Garage-Punkrock!!!
Runaways - Cool stuff like interviews, articles, pics & disco.!!
Sick Dick & The Volkswagens - US-ultra primitive Punk Rock....
Sloppy Seconds - Great catchy & funny Punkrock, yeah!!
Smooth & Greedy - Cool Punk'n'Roll with Glam touch from sweden!
Social Distortion - Old band with old Punk-ROCK!
Sonic Dolls - One of Germany's finest kick ass Pop-Punker!
Sonics - Very early Garage-Band from the 60's!
Spider Babies - Wild ass kickin' LoFi-Garage-Punkrock!
Steve McQueens - LoFi Garage-Rock'n'Roll from Germany!
Stooges - Very early raw (Punk-) Rock band from '72 feat. Iggy Pop...
Surf Trio - One of the best & oldest Surf-Punk-Bands!!
J. Thunders - Fuckin' cool page about this great Rock'n'Roll-Bastard!!!
Trash Brats - Great Glam-Punkrockers from Detroit!!
Turbonegro - Norways Gay-Rockers No.1!
Woggles - Garage-Punk, Surf & Frat Rock!