Amöbenklang - Mailorder for all kinds of music like Punkrock, HC, Alternative, Wave... CD's, vinyl, cassettes, mags, shirts. (Germany)
Distortion - Record store & mailorder from Amsterdam. They've cool music (punkrock, garage-punk, '77-punk... - ya know?) & tons of 2nd hand & new records!! (Netherlands)
Flight 13 - Also store & mailorder & hot stuff! They've records, mags, comics & more cool shit! (Germany)
Green Hell - Very big supply of HC, Punkrock & Garage records! (Germany)
Katatonic Mailorder - Specialzing in Surf, Garage, Punk'n'Trash - videos, shirts, mags & other stuff you need. (USA)
Kick-Ass Online Music Store - Feat. just the best of Old School Punkrock & Punk-Rock'n'Roll: lp's, cd's, videos, t-shirts....Check it out now!!(USA)
Rotz Records - Over 6000 CD's, shirts & vinyl in stock - Punk, Trash, Garage, Rock-a-Billy, Ska & lots more! (USA)
Skull Duggery Mailorder - Label of the "Beatnik Termites" and mailorder for Punkrock & Pop-Punk! (USA)
Soundflat - Specialized in Garage-Punk, LoFi Punk, Powerpop, Mod, Sixties, Surf... Only here you get the colored & limited (only 100 pieces) "Screaming Apple" 7"s!! (Germany)
Vital Music Mailorder - All kinds of Punkrock music. They promise to be a fast dependable service, so check it out! (USA)