1+2 Records (Japan; Pop Punk/Punkrock - Splash 4, Boyz Nex' Door, Campus Tramps (R.I.P.!!),....)
Au-Go-Go Records (Australia; The Onyas, The Von Zippers & many more...)
Barn End Video (UK; Live Punk on video - Lurkers, New Bomb Turks, Campus Tramps, La Cry,..)
Bad Afro Records (Denmark; all shit that rocks your lame ass!! Gluecifer, Turbonegro,.....)
Damaged Goods (UK; punk rock - Headcoats, Budget Girls, Cee Bee Beaumont,....)
eMpTy Records (US; Just cool stuff for cool people!! Motards, Girl Trouble, Scared of Chaka,....)
Estrus Records (US; Cool Garage label run by Dave of the Mono Men!)
Get Hip Inc. (US; They have a lot of Garagepunk & Sixties releases!)
G.I. Productions (US label with crazed out Garagepunk & Powerpop releases: Decibels, Satelliters, Monsters, Spider Babies,...)
Inensive Scare Records (US/GER; Punkrock stuff - Clit Cops, Yum Yum Tree,.....)
Melted Rec. (US; Punkrock('n'Roll) - Cretins, Heartdrops, Magnatones, SlapHappies,.....)
Mint Rec. (CAN; Cool label with bands like the Smugglers & Huevos Rancheros!
Norton Rec. (Rockin' 60's Punkmadness for fans of the Sonics, Wailers or Link Wray!)
No Tomorrow (Best spanish Punk Rock label feat. bands like Los Vivos, Shock Treatment, Surfin' Lungs,...)
Safety Pin Records (Spain; Cool label run by Kike of the fantastic Pleasure Fuckers!!)
Skull Duggery (US; Power-Pop-Punk-Puke - Queers, Lillingtons, Beatnik Termites,...)
Square Target Rec. (US-Mod and Pop Punk label with bands like the Figgs, Flathead, E-Types,...)
Stiff Pole Records (US; 100% Punk Fucking Rock! - Gotohells, McRackins, Cheater,......)
Sundazed (Soundflat says they release the best 60's reissues...)

Crazy Love Rec. (No Punkrock but Garage-Rock'n'Roll, Rock-a-Billy & Psychobilly stuff!! Bands are for example Thee Flatliners, Backwood Boys, Celicates,.... German label)
High Society International (German '77 Punk & Punk'n'Roll label only! Feat. Dog Food Five, Bam Bams, Gee Strings, Hippriests & others.
Incognito Rec. (Punkrock worldwide made by this German label: Lennons, Jabberwocky, Wimps, Grinners, PVC, Mädels No Mädels... Also fast, cheap & big mailorder!!
Radio Blast Recordings (Great German Punkrock label feat. cool shit like Sonic Dolls, Jet Bumpers, Padded Cell, Cellophane Suckers, TV Killers,...)