Baby Sue - Powerpop underground magazine made by Steve Fievet!
Bucketfull Of Brains - 60's, Powerpop & Psychedelia are the topics
Carbon 14 - American Punk Rock magazine
Crypt-O-Rama - The best internet-Garage-magazine!!
Deadbeat - Cool (Garage-) Punk Rock & LoFi-Punk online-zine from Denmark!
Elvis Aint Dead - Psychobilly, Punk, Rockabilly, Pin-ups, Tattoos, Hot Rods & other cool stuff!
Flipside - Great & fat American Punk Rock fanzine!!
Furball - Feat. interviews with cool Punkrock, Garage-Punk,... bands!
Girlyhead - Cool all girl Rock'n'Roll magazine!
Glitzine - Kickass Glam, sleazy Rock'n'Roll & Punk magazine
Moshable - One of the best mags! Features great bands of world wide Punkrock & Garage!!
Noise For Heroes - If you're into real rockin' Rock'n'Roll visit this great underground-magazine!!!
Ox - German mag for Punkrock and other stuff - cool homepage!!
Plastic Bomb - Another homepage of a big German Punk-Zine...
Shake It Up! - Powerpop online fanzine from the states
Shark Sandwich Online Zine - Pop-Punk zine feat. interviews, record reviews, show reviews, pictures and news
Sixty Second Swingers - Garage Punk & 60's News from all over the world! Always up-to-date!!
Teenage Lobotomy - German old school Punkrock zine like the small brother of the great "3rd Generation Nation"-zine!
Yellow Pills - ...and another Powerpop-magazine!

3rd Generation Nation - Germany's leading Old School Punk Rock fanzine - a fuckin' must if you wanna be a cool Punkrocker!!!
Flying Revolverblatt - Great German Garage Punk Rock'n'Roll Indie-magazine with lots of interviews, music & show reviews!!
On The Run - Small zine feat. Punkrock, Garage- & Mod-Punk; Germany
Stupid Over You - Stupid writes about cool stuff like Punk-Fuckin'-Rock'n'Roll but the other editors like stuff I don't like...
Thunderpussies & Melted Assholes - German zine with '77 Punk, Garage, 60ies, Poppunk, Powerpop, LoFi,...